Indonesia, Jakarta Mission 3/13 - 3/15

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Brother W's Baptism - with special guest, Elder W baptizing his dad!

Well, things here have been awesome!  Brother W was baptized and confirmed on Sunday!  That was amazing!  The service was so awesome and full of the Spirit!  And it was fun to meet with Elder W again, who got to fly in to perform the ordinances and then fly back to his area!  So that was pretty cool!  

And we had our investigator Mama V at the baptism.  And she brought her 14 year old daughter as well!  And they are both on date to be baptized next Sunday!  So we will be busy going out to their house pretty much every day this week to get them prepared!  It is exciting and worth the 1 hour + bike ride out there, and the same time to ride home!  Haha we are getting pretty good biking legs!  It is hard at times, but then it seems easy compared to an IronMan or riding from Sinclair to the top of Big Mountain and back.  So I use those experiences to motivate myself haha!

We have been super busy again this week!  We taught J the Plan of Salvation, and he really liked it and promised to come to church, but then didn't show up.  That was a major bummer!

Ibu M is doing well.  But she is older and really has it stuck in her head that she has already been baptized and doesn't need to be baptized again.  So we are trying to work through that.

M is doing well and seems to really like the church. She came to Brother W's baptism yesterday, too, and seemed to really like it.  Then some members asked her when she was going to be baptized.  She took it well.  She didn't give a clear answer, but she didn't reject it.  She is still thinking about it I think, but hopefully soon we will have a positive answer!

And still a lot of other things going on!  This coming week we have Mission Conference on Tuesday and Wednesday which will be fun!  I am excited for that!  Then after that we will probably have transfers the coming week.  I am not so excited for that.  I don't know what will be happening yet, but I kinda think I will be moving, and I am not super excited to.  But I guess whatever happens is for the best.

Well, you said details so I really worked at it and got some pictures, because those are worth a thousand words, and I don't have that long to type haha.  So here are some pictures--one of Brother W's baptism, one of a throng of little kids that started following us as we were proselyting one day, and another of us golfing a few P-Day's ago.

Thanks for all your emails and love!  I love hearing from you all so much!  It is a big bonus to my week!  Also, please tell Scott and Lisa thanks so much for the package they sent me!  It was awesome and so nice of them!  I will send them a letter,too, but if you could tell them thanks that would be awesome!  haha they are funny, they are trying so hard to make me trunky haha!  They put a picture of the house they are building in St. George, saying that we will all have to go play down there next summer, go to Lake Powell, and all sorts of stuff!  Sounds like I will be having a busy first summer home haha!  But it'll be fun and all in its time!  But for now the focus is here!  Well, I'm Glad you are all having fun and I hope you all have a great week this week!  Love you!  

Love Elder Wood

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