Indonesia, Jakarta Mission 3/13 - 3/15

Monday, August 4, 2014

I'm where I need to be!

Hey!  Thanks for all the emails! Glad to hear you guys are having fun!  Looks like and sounds like Lake Powell was a blast!  I'm glad that you told me about it!  I like to hear that you guys aren't just being boring without me!  So don't feel like you can't tell me about the fun things you guys are doing! It doesn't make me sad or trunky (except maybe the picture of Lake Powell glass at sunrise haha jk)!  It makes me happy!  Actually what I thought was coming out in mom's email was, "things just aren't the same without you, so...we sold the boat."  I was getting ready to cry.  But then I heard you went to lake powell and I was super excited for you guys!  Haha!  So that was much better news than hearing that the boat was no more ;)

But sounds like things are all going well at home and that you guys are having some good times with parties, college prep, and all that stuff!  Keep sending pictures of Lake Powell and all that stuff, I love seeing them!  I try to send pictures from here, but it just doesn't work.  Sorry! Oh, and if you could send me that picture of grandpa waterskiing that would be awesome!  I would love to see that!  

Well, things here are going really well!  We have had a miracle this week!  We met with Brother W again on Saturday night, and he and his whole family just broke down with us.  We didn't teach anything, but it was a testimony meeting.  Brother W has finally been touched by the Lord, and is coming to church weekly, praying regularly, and preparing for baptism!  I can't believe it!  It is the answer to so many people's prayers and fasts!  And it is truly a blessing of his wife's temple trips and his son's mission!  I am so grateful just to be able to witness it!  It has been the highlight of my week! And to see him and Sister A finally sitting together in Sacrament meeting was amazing!  It almost made me cry!  It just seemed "right".  She has sat faithfully alone for way too long, and to see them together and happy now is so amazing!  The Lord comes with his own timing, but he comes!  So, we are starting with the discussions this week and he will hopefully be baptized before the end of this month! And they are making plans to go to the temple in a year once Elder W gets home!

The rest of things are going well, too!  Our other investigator with a baptismal date has had some setbacks, and has been delayed a bit.  But we are still working with him and things are going well! Hopefully things will still go through with him.

And we have another family that we have been teaching just the father for the last few weeks, but he wants to bring his whole family to church next week,and he is open to the idea of baptism!  So things are really looking up this week!  I am excited! 

And next week or so I will start training a new missionary from Idaho.  I will be staying in my same area, which I am really excited about, because I will be able to see and follow up on things here!  

Well, that is most of it for this week!  And good luck to you guys on getting ready to send Sabrina off to college!  That is so exciting!  Hope the rest of your week goes well and that you have tons of fun! Tell me more about Lake Powell!  where did you go, what did you do?  Houseboat, hotel?  Just whatever haha!  Don't worry about telling me!  My time will come, but this is where I want to be right now!  And where I need to be!

Have a great week and know that I love you all!  

Love Elder Wood

Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 27, 2014

Hey, happy 24th of July.

But most importantly today (or tomorrow for you...)  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SABRINA!!!
Man, you're getting old!  But wiser, too, as I learned from your talk!  That talk was awesome!

Well, sounds like you all had a good week!  I'm glad to hear that!  I love hearing from you all every week!  Glad EFY was fun for Eliza, that you guys got some running in and stuff, and had some fun for the holidays!  Any plans for Sabrina's birthday tomorrow?  

Well, things here have been going pretty well this week, too!  We had a good time on splits with President!  That was an awesome opportunity!  However it was also one of the most stressful days I have had in a long time!  Because a lot of the plans we had for the day fell through last moment, so I was scrambling to get things put together to have some appointments, because President did not want to spend his day with us proselyting.  But luckily we got things worked out.  I was on the phone making phone calls the whole day when we were in the car and I killed the battery on the phone haha, but we got it worked out.  So that was good.  I was just a little bummed because I couldn't talk to President as much as I wanted to.  But it was still an awesome day and I learned a ton.  Then we had Zone Meeting with the President on Thursday and Friday.  That was fun!  Interviews were awesome, and I learned a lot.  And I also found out that I will be training one of the new missionaries coming in in the next two weeks!  So that should be fun! and a great opprotunity!  I am super excited for that!

Also, we had a small miracle this week!  We had a lesson with Brother W on Friday night.  It was the first time we have been able to meet him in almost a month.  We watched the Testaments movie with him and the Spirit was super strong!  And then on Sunday he came to church for the first time ever! And he came the whole time!  So that was super exciting and awesome!  He finally overcame that major barrier and we are so much closer to helping him get baptized now!  

Well, that is most of what is going on here.  I am super sore because during zone conference we played about 6 hours of basketball, futsal, and football straight!  it was so much fun!  But tiring!  

I'm glad that things at home are going well!  Hope you guys ghave a great week! I'm glad the pictures and letters got to you!  

Love You!

Love Elder Wood