Indonesia, Jakarta Mission 3/13 - 3/15

Monday, August 25, 2014

Smiling and Laughing the Whole Time

Happy Sunday!  (Monday here...)

Man, sounds like a pretty busy day for you guys!  I can't believe that Sabrina is already off to college! That is crazy!  That seems like it happened really fast!  But super exciting!  Haha I'm glad you've had a nice extra storage room for all her stuff!  Thanks for the pictures!  Looks like a pretty fun place!

Well, things here have been going well this week!  My companion is a really funny and cool guy, and we have been getting along really well!  He is definitely one of my favorite companions so far!  He is always positive and he works really hard, he is easy to talk to, and we have fun together.  It makes the work so much easier and more enjoyable when you are smiling and laughing the whole time!  

Speaking of the work, things have been going really well this week!  We have found a ton of new investigators the last few days and have taught a ton of first lessons!  It is really exciting!  We have several families that are interested, and have had some crazy cool opportunities placed in our path.  One funny one is we were proselyting in a gated community that we made friends with the security guards of a few weeks ago.  We never went through the whole area last time we were there, so the other day we went there again.  Our security guard friend wasn't there, but the guy there let us in.  We can't knock doors, so we just have to walk around and talk to people on the street.  But we found one guy and got a lesson with him and his family and they invited us back this coming week.  Then we were riding our bikes around a bit, and a lady called us over.  She was like, "do you remember me?"  It took me a minute, but then I got it.  When we were there 3 or 4 weeks ago, we talked to her as she was driving out the gate, because the security guard we were friends with introduced us to her and said she was Christian.  But at that time she wasn't interested and was in a hurry.  But the other day she called us over and just wanted to talk a little bit.  We talked to her and her friend in the street and at first she still wasn't too interested in the church, but wanted to know more about what we were doing here.  Then by the end of the conversation she told us about how she wasn't active in church, and she ended up inviting us to come over to her house to meet with her and her family this coming week!  So that was a cool thing!  Funny how the Lord works, and how sometimes it takes several tries!  But we are excited for that one!

The rest of the work is going well!  This week Brother W asked us to fast with him to help him receive an answer if he needs to be baptized.  So we fasted with him yesterday and then had dinner at their house together.  It is so cool to see him working so hard to receive a sure answer!  It won't be too much longer before he gets in the water I think!  I am so excited for him and his family!

Well, that is mostly it for this week!  After emailing we are going to go over to the driving range for a little bit and then we have an appointment this evening!  So the work is progressing!  

Thanks for all your emails, love and support!  And thanks for the cookies!  They were delicious!  I love you all so much!  Hope you have a great week!  Man, the house is going to be empty for a while! Eliza, you're going to be spoiled!  Litlle miss only child at home Haha!

Well, I love you all!

Love Elder Wood