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Thursday, November 6, 2014

October 26, 2014 Another Baptism!

Wonderful day!! Mama V and V's baptism
Well, we had another baptism this week!  That was awesome!  Mama V and V both got baptized yesterday!  So that was super exciting and awesome!  They were both excited and happy and the service was nice and everyone was super supportive!  It will be fun to see them grow (well, it would be if I could stay and see, but I will be moving soon...more on that later).  They are still at such a baby stage in their progression, but they will grow and become stronger over time.

So, this has been a good but stressful week in getting them prepared for baptism.  Especially because we only met and started teaching V last Saturday.  So, from the time she started learning to the day she got baptised was only 8 days.  And during that time we had a 2 day trip to Jakarta for Zone Conference.  So that added another hickup to things.  But we ended up getting everything taught and ready in time.  It was like a race though.  But luckily she was already pretty well prepared and her mom was supportive and helped her along the way so that they could both be baptized yesterday!  We had to go out there pretty much every day this week to get it done, including getting up early on Tuesday morning and going out there before we went to Jakarta for Zone Conference.  But we got it done.  Needless to say it was an exhausting week, though. 

So, that was our main focus this week.  But other good things are happening as well.  Zone conference was awesome!  The mission is totally turning around for the better!  Last year we only got 60 baptisms the whole year.  This year we are already well over 100, and still going strong.  And next year there is a goal to get over 300 baptisms in one year, something never before done in this mission!  So that is exciting!  But, something that president stressed is "don't worry about the number of baptisms.  There will be many if all things are done right.  So go do it right!"  And that is something I have seen since I have been here.   Since President Donald has been here, and in the time I have been here, I have seen a huge change in the attitude and behavior and faith of the mission!  It has turned around dramatically!  President Donald has inspired the mission, and the missionaries are working together and working hard, faithfully, and with the Spirit, and the blessings are truly flowing.  And it is only getting better!  The hastening of the work truly is happening!  But it has been effected greatly by the obedience and attitudes and faithfulness of the missionaries!  I am so grateful to be able to be serving at this time with so many wonderful, faithful missionaries who are helping this change to happen!

So, sadly I will be transferring next week.  This is still a secret I think, but I will be moving to Jakarta and becoming a ZL.  So I am excited at the opportunity to serve more missionaries and help progress the work over a different scope.  But I will be sad to be leaving Tangerang!  That is a major bummer!  But the Lord has a plan, and everything will work out I guess.  

Thanks for all your letters each week!  I love hearing from you!  It is a highlight of my week, too!  Well, I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Wood

Elder Wood and Elder Troff (Jake is wearing the tie Elder Troff crocheted for him)

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