Indonesia, Jakarta Mission 3/13 - 3/15

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Love this area!!!

Man, those pictures you are sending are amazing!  Don't make me too trunky haha!  Just kidding!  But I do miss those fall leaves and utah mountains and scenery!  Looks like you guys are having a ton of fun!

This week has been pretty good here, too!  We have been busy and have been seeing some good success!  We were able to get 4 investigators to come and see conference!  And all of them felt the Spirit!  It was such a great opportunity and a blessing!  And I loved the spirit that I felt and the many things I learned!  A few interesting things were: 1)At one point when they were showing the organ pipes I had a distinct thought/feeling of remembering Grandpa Cal, and I felt him with me for a moment.  That was cool!  And 2)  As I heard the speakers, I had an undeniable feeling and witness of the truthfulness of this church!  It truly is led by Prophets, seers, and revelators, and there is no way I can deny it!  It is so true!  What a blessing!

Brother W is still on date for next week!  So that is super exciting!  No problems there!  But I do hope that you can meet him and his family someday!  They are probably one of my favorite families that I have met here in Indonesia!  And they are doing missionary word!  They have found a girl named M that is here for college and have invited her to learn about the church!  We teach her at their home, and they bring her to church and everything, and she is starting to really progress and think about baptism!  It is so cool to see them working through the process themselves, and to be helping someone else at the same time!  They are awesome!

Mama V is awesome!  She is on date for the 26th of October!  We really weren't sure about her for a while.  We thought she was just doing it because she liked us because we weren't seeing any real changes in her.  but the last 2 weeks or so have been totally different.  She told us that at one point she was done.  She was ready to give back her Book of Momron and be done.  But, she decided to pray and ask about it one more time.  And, she got her answer!  And now she is already past Mosiah 24 in her reading!  And she absolutely loves the Book of Mormon!  She says it has helped her change so much for the better!  She can recognize the change, and so can we!  And several members have also commented on seeing the same changes in her!  So that is awesome!

J is doing well, too!  We finally figured out a little bit of what was going on with him and have helped him recognize more of how the Holy Ghost works, and he is receptive to it now.  He was going to come to conference, but that morning his grandma got hospitalized, so he couldn't come.  But luckily she is ok, and he is still wanting to learn and come hopefully next week!

There are a few other investigators as well, but these are the main focus right now.  
Transfers:  Transfers are actually not until November 1st or 2nd I think.  I am glad, because I will still get to see Brother W and Mama V get baptized.  But I still am not ready to get transferred.  I want to stay here at least another month or 2.  Especially because that transfer they are adding 2 more companionships to Tangerang, so it will be a bigger district, which will be fun!  

Speaking of bigger districts, that has been stressful for me this week haha!  I have been having to look at dividing the area and other logistics.  And I have gone house shopping!  I was drawing on my inner Grandpa Wood Realtor skills this week!  But I found a great house and negotiated the price down to within budget and got them to throw in an air conditioner!  So I bought my first house this week!  (I guess rent is a better word, but still).  I joked with my companion, though!  I told him that this first house buying experience was supposed to be shared with my wife, but that he was taking her place haha.  He just laughed.  But It has been an interesting go here in Tangerang!  I have gained a lot of good life skills!

Well, I think that's about it!  I love hearing from you and hope you have a great week!  Keep having fun and sending pictures!  I love you so much!  

Love Elder Wood

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