Indonesia, Jakarta Mission 3/13 - 3/15

Monday, July 21, 2014

July 13, 2014 - 75 and freezing!

Happy what sounds like the busiest week ever!  Sounds like things have
been a bit crazy back at home!  But hopefully this weekend will be a
bit relaxing and you can kind of chill and relax a bit!  That sounds
like a ton of fun to have a big family reunion party thing up in
Idaho!  Especially if grandma is putting it on and making it pretty
cheesy!  Haha!  I miss those fun family vacations that we used to do
growing up!   SO if there's a lake up there, did you bring the boat?
What else are you doing up there?  Let me know more about it and send
some pictures!

So, this morning we had a funny experience.  You know how Indonesia is
ridiculously hot, right.  And so luckily we have an AC in the bedroom,
and it works pretty well, and gets it pretty cold.  Well, this morning
it was especially cold, and I was freezing, and we don't have any
blankets, or even anything more than shorts.  So we woke up cold this
morning.  But usually that is nice, because you get out of bed and
leave that room and are immediately sweating.  But this morning was
different.  We left the bedroom and went outside and were still cold.
Like realy cold.  Shorts and a t-shirt were not enough, but we don't
have any sweatshirts.  And I had goosebumps.  So I put on my sarung (
a traditional man-skirt thing) that is pretty long to try to keep my
legs warm and I wrapped my towel around my arms and upper body.  Still
cold, but now comfortable.  So, then I remembered my alarm clock has a
thermometer on it, and I wanted to know how cold it really was,
because I felt like winter.  So, I checked.  In the bedroom it was 75
degrees fahrenheit.  and outside it was 77 degrees.  And I was frozen.
I don't know what I am going to do when I get home and its in the 50s
or 60s.  And then winter is going to be rough!  Its scaring me.  But I
still got a while.  But I now understand why Edward and Florence wore
fleece jackets when they came to our house a few years ago, even
though we thought it was hot.  I'm not used to the cold anymore.
Except my cold showers (which I could not man up to face this
morning..)  Its scaring me for spring boating haha!

The rest of this week was pretty good!  A lot better than last week!
We got in several good appointments with members and investigators.
We met with one member who has liek the coolest job ever!  He has a
travel agency, and he gets paid to go on vacation with really rich
people and take them to do cool things.  And he specializes in
golfing.  So, he has taken people all over the world to go golfing in
Indonesia, China, America, and all over.  And he takes them to major
tournamnets and stuff and has met a ton of famous golfers.  And he
himself is a really good golfer.  And he said someday he would take us
golfing here if we want!  So that sounds like a ton of fun!  There is
even a Jack Nicklaus course about 10 minutes from our house that he
said he could take us to go play.  But it is kind of expensive.  I'm
thinking about using my birthday money there haha!  Just cause that
would be cool to say I've golfed in Indonesia!  But he is a super cool
guy!  and then, we got a media referal for this lady.  We went to her
house, and it turns out that she lives across the street with a
fairway view of that golf course.  And she lives in a mansion!  Sadly,
after talking to 3 of her house helpers, we found out that she is in
London and will be until August.  So, we will have to try back later.
But maybe she has an in at the golf course.  We are in with some of
the rich and the famous here...

On the spiritual side of things, things are going well, too!  We have
several good investigators who like meeting with us.  One of them is
funny, he likes to meet us at the lobby of the country club, and he
drives an Audi A4.  So that makes me think of home a bit haha!  But he
brought his 11 year old son with him last time, and his son was all
confused.  He looks at us and asks who we are and how we know his dad.
then he puts it all together and is like, "Oh, are you the Momons?"
We chuckled a little and said, ya, thats us.  Then he said, "I found
your book in my dad's car the other day and I started reading it and
it made me feel really happy!"  And he really had read enough to
understand it, and that it was about Jesus visiting the America's!  So
that was really cool!  Hopefully that will push his dad to read it
more and to keep up with his son!  We found some other new
investigators and met with some that we have been having a really hard
time meeting with, as well.  And we got into several inactive members'
homes through service and whatnot.  We helped on woman clean her house
for 5 hours after it had gotten all muddy in a flood.  We mopped and
cleaned her floors, and that was fun and a good service, and I think
it touched her!

I also had some cool personal experiences in gaining a stronger
testimony about specific principles of the gospel that came a bit
unexpectedly, but that I am very grateful for.  And I had experiences
of the Lord answering my prayers and giving me comfort when I was
feeling discouraged as well.  Probably my favorite verse of scripture
this week is D&C 123:17.  Sometimes that is very needed in this work,
because there is only so much we can do, and then we have to trust the
Lord to take care of the rest.

This week we got attacked on a ride home one night.  But not in the
way you are probably thinking.  These girls rode up along side us and
told us to pull over.    They were being pretty flirtatious, though,
so we were trying to be quick.  Then they asked us if we had
girlfriends.  We just gave the easy way out and said, Ya.  Then they
were super persistent, and said that that didn't matter.
We then explained that we were missionaries and couldn't do
that.  Then we gave them a passalong card and rode away.  Later,
one of them texted us and told us that she was far away from Jesus and
wanted help coming back to him.  We were pretty wary and didn't
respond much.  But today she texted us and said that her mom is sick
in the hospital and she asked us if we could come visit and pray with
her whole family.  She soesn't seem as flirtatious anymore, so I think
we're going to give it a try, because it is public and a pretty
harmless location.  And who knows what could come of it!  Hopefully
something good!

I have been trying to organize going ice skating for P-Day, but
everyone has been sick or tired, so I think we are just kind of going
to relax for the day.  Hopefully we can go play some other time.  Hope
you guys have fun up in Idaho this week, and tell everyone Hi for me!
And tell that I love them!  Let me know how everyone is doing!

I love you all!

Love Elder Wood

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