Indonesia, Jakarta Mission 3/13 - 3/15

Monday, April 28, 2014

Angkot Joy

Man, that picture of Rufus in the wheelbarrow is awesome!  I saw that one after the other emails, and it gave me a good laugh to kind of wipe away the sadness.  That is a pretty awesome thing to do!  Haha what did the neighbors think?  But I'm glad he got one last walk in :)  It will be sad to not have him around anymore, but I guess thats just the way things go sometimes.  But, he is in greener pastures on fresher legs now, playing with Red and Shirra (I have no clue if I'm spelling her name anywhere close to correct...).  That'll make for a fun time in heaven with all those guys running around together!  Though Shirra might go crazy all by herself with all those dogs.

But I'm glad that Costa Rica was pretty awesome and that you all had fun there!  Thanks for the pictures, they were pretty sweet!  

This week here was pretty good!  We had a lot of little miracles and tender mercies that were really great!  Last week for P-Day we were guided to a few places and ended up getting some awesome contacts and new investigators, so that was cool.  Just by following a simple thought.  We were blessed for our sacrifice, though, because following that thought meant not going to watch a movie with the mission couple, but going out to work.  But it was worth it!

This week we got 19 lessons in, which is by far the most lessons I have had yet in Manado.  And we got a lot of new contacts and new investigators, too, which is super exciting!  We are being very blessed in the work!  Now the only thing that we are struggling with is getting our investigators to start progressing and coming to church.  That is one of the hardest parts here.  They all love spiritual messages brought to them, but it is sometimes very difficult to get them to act on the message and come to church and stuff.  But it is slowly starting to happen.  Manado is just getting ready to explode with the Restored Gospel, it is just waiting on the timing of the Lord to fully open the hearts of the people to receive it.

So I have to tell a quick story this week that I found some joy in.  We were riding in an angkot (sketchy public transportation mini-van type thing), and we usually try to contact people there.  But there was nobody to contact in that van.  So, as we were stopped at a red light, there was a dad and his little daughter stopped next to us on their scooter.  The little girl saw me, and I said good afternoon to her.  Then the dad looked, and we just started talking a little bit.  Then the light turned green and we took off.  But he kept riding next to me, and we kept talking as we were going.  I gave him a passalong card out the window, and between weaving through traffic and stuff, I even got his number!  It was pretty funny, and one of the coolest contacts I have ever had1  We are hopefully going to go meet with him this week!

Yesterday we had a baptism!  One of the Sisters' investigators, Z, got baptized!  So, after church, we took cars and angkots out to the Welch's (mission couples') house.  We had the service there, and did the baptism in the apartment complex swimming pool!  It was kinda interesting, and was really cool!  The place was beautiful!  And President Donald was here for it!  So that was fun!  It was a powerful experience, and we had several investigators there to see it, too, so that was awesome!

Thanks for the emails and all the good stuff!  I can't believe its been almost a year!  But it is flying by!  But I am loving the mission so much and am so glad I am here!  I am learning so much and becoming truly converted!

I love you all so much, and cant wait to talk again!  Have a great week!

Love Elder Wood

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