Indonesia, Jakarta Mission 3/13 - 3/15

Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Hey!  Glad to hear things are going well back at home.  Bummer that there is no snow!  That is crazy about that plane crashing on Valley View, too!  Speaking of golf, my new companion, Elder Barlow, plays golf, too.  And President told us he wants to take us to go play a round sometime in the next few weeks!  So that will be super awesome!  A round of golf with the mission President!  No Pressure, right!?

Haha that's pretty funny that the JW's stopped by this week!  We run into them quite a bit here!  They actually came to our house here a few weeks ago, too, and tried to contact us.  I think they got a bit more than they were bargaining for there, as we walked in with one short pamphlet and they walked away with a 5 minute explanation, testimony, and a Book of Mormon and 3 pamphlets.  Sadly they weren't too open to having a discussion.  But we gave them our testimony, too.  

Well, this week has been pretty good, too!  Our investigator, Pak B, who is really quite old and has a hard time remembering things keeps coming to church.  And he has gone the last 3 days without smoking!  Which is awesome for him!  He is finally starting to pick up on things and is really making the effort!  It has been a lot of work with him!  But it is way cool to see it be paying off!
The African investigators are doing quite well, also!  They are awesome!  Especially the one that can speak English!  He studies the Book of Mormon, Gospel Principles, and Teachings of the Presidents of the Church manual almost every day!  And he always has great questions!  He is way cool!  I think he will be prepared for baptism in the next few weeks along with his friends!  

Pak M is coming along slowly but surely. He also has an addiction to coffee, which is the main thing holding him back.  And he doesn't always do his scripture study.  So his progression is not as fast as it could be.  We are really working on getting him to read and study often so that he can have his testimony grow and be strengthened!
And we have several other investigators that are doing well!  We had several of our baptismal dates drop this week.  Not that they rejected us, just that they will not be ready by their date next week, so we will have to meet with them and push it back a bit and work harder to get them progressing and preparing.

This coming week we will be having mission leader conference tomorrow.  That is always an awesome experience!  And today we played basketball for P Day with all the zone leaders that flew in!  That was a ton of fun!

Um, ya, that's most of what is going on here right now.  The work is progressing and the Lord is blessing us!  We are finding many people to teach and several that are prepared to hear and receive!  So that is exciting!  

I love you all and hope you have a great week!  Thanks for everything and for all your love and emails!  I love reading them!

Pray for snow, and baptisms :)

Love you all!

Love Elder Wood

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