Indonesia, Jakarta Mission 3/13 - 3/15

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Visitors from Utah

 I am glad that you got the pictures!  Sister Wayment was so nice, and it was fun to talk to her!  It was pretty crazy, there were a lot of people from Utah in church yesterday, actually!  There was Sister Wayment (who is really good friends with the Bartons, too--the Mormon world is so small haha!), Elder And Sister Visick--the doctors from Logan, and then there was another big businessman from the Campbell's soup company who I think was also from Logan that came and visited the ward today, too!  It was fun to talk to all of them, and they were all so nice!  Haha and they all asked if I had anything that I wanted them to bring back to Utah.  Sadly I didn't have anything with me...So I sent my love home haha!

Haha as for the skinny picture...I am the same weight as when I left I think...But I am really skinny.  I eat a lot...but mostly white rice.  There's not a lot of protein to be had.  And this whole week I have been pretty sick...I have had a sick stomach and have had pretty bad diarrhea a couple of days.  So I was really glad for the packages, actually!  Especially the cereal, because that is about all I have felt like eating for most of this week.  So I really was grateful for that!  But ya, this week I lost a bit of weight before she took that picture, just because I haven't been eating much, but I have been losing a lot....  But today I feel fine!  So that is good!  I finally feel like I can eat rice and whatnot again!  So hopefully I can start packing it on again!  

As far as the work goes, it has been another pretty good week. As always, there are ups and downs, and we had quite a few lessons and plans fall through. But overall, we were quite blessed this week. We taught Pak M again, and he is excited and preparing himself to be baptized on Feb. 1. Pak B, another investigator, is also on date for Feb.1, and he came to church yesterday.  His testimony is growing and he believes it is true. It is just a bit of a slow process with him. But he made some improvements and steps this week, so that was a blessing! We also got a media referral named Pak A, who we were able to teach this week, and he is awesome! He is very open and searching for truth, and he promised to keep learning and to come to church next week! And last night as we were on Facebook and taking stats, we were trying to make an appointment with an investigator named F. He is also very open and knowledgeable. During our conversation last night, he messaged and asked us what he needs to be baptized! So we were super excited about that, too! There have been many miracles happening this week!  Oh, and that Malaysian guy I told you about a few weeks ago came to church yesterday, too!  So that was cool!  Oh, and about a month or more ago we contacted a couple at a mall.  Well, they contacted us actually.  But we lost contact with them because they went out of the country over the holidays.  But they work at the same company of one of the members, and they know each other.  So this week we got the member to talk to the husband at work, and talk about having a family night together, and they seemed really open to it he said, so they are working out a date!  So that is awesome!  Lots of miracles and blessings from the Lord!  The hastening of the work truly is happening!

C is doing well.  He was out of town for work this week.  The Ws are still awesome!  And So is Mama V and Sister M from all I hear!  So that is good!

Today it has been raining pretty hard all morning while we have been cleaning the house and studying.  now we are emailing.  And then we are going to an appointment and stuff doing our work.  Then later tonight we are going to Bekasi and playing futsal and doing splits tomorrow.  so should be fun!

Tell Hailey Daniels congratulations on her call, too!  And tell the Smoots all hi from me!

Well, I love you all!  Thanks for the emails, packages (or this week better known as life support), and everything!  You guys are awesome!  I love you!  I will try to eat some more this week haha!  Have a great week!

Love Elder Wood

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