Indonesia, Jakarta Mission 3/13 - 3/15

Monday, September 15, 2014

Miracles Happen!!

Things here this week have been absolutely crazy!!!  I am dead tired today,  I have to say.  But, waking up this morning was such a relief when I woke up and got to say, "Yes, it's P-Day!"  I can relax (even though it is only a little bit of relaxing.  We still have a lot to do.)  This last week we had 21 appointments!  It was the most packed week I have ever had!  And doing that while also doing the extra amount of study time for training has been hectic!  It was to the point that we didn't even have time to do weekly planning last week, so we had to do that when we got up this morning.  But I wouldn't trade it for a more relaxing week!  It is exciting times here!  The Lord truly is hastening the work like crazy!  Now we are just trying to keep up!  We have been finding new investigators all over the place and been having really powerful lessons!  And it has been happening in both companionships this week!  It is awesome!  Everyone is super excited! The hardest thing is how much riding we have been having to do to get all the appointments in. So much, in fact, that Elder Troff's tire blew up the other day (but everyone was fine). But if that is the biggest problem we have to deal with to receive all these blessings, I think we will take it, no complaints!

We had a baptism on Sunday!  It was one of the other companionship's investigators, Ibu E.  She was so excited and it was such good experience!  And we were able to get one of our investigators to come, Pak M.  Pak M is an interesting story.  He was one of our former investigators, and used to be progressing.  But then he told us he didn't feel comfortable leaving his old church.  Then he couldn't meet for over a month.  For a long time, he wouldn't answer our calls or anything.  Then 2 weeks ago we just dropped in to his house.  He was home, and we caught him within just a small 1 hour window of him being there.  We taught him, and he remembered his testimony of the message and commited to come to church again.  He came and loved it.  Then this week when we visited him, he wasn't sure again.  We had a long discussion.  It wasn't a debate, but it was like bartering. He was so sure about his old church, and we just kept telling him the promised blessings of the church.  We didn't think it sunk in, and he told us that he wouldn't come to church this week, buit that maybe the next week.  And that he was going to go see what his priest had to say about him transferring churches.  Well, turns out, after we left his house Saturday morning, he went to his church, told his priest he was moving to Mormon, and his priest got really mad.  But he held firm and left.  I was astonished!  Then he called a member and arranged himself a ride to church, and came on Sunday!  And he stayed for the baptism, and then told me he wants to get baptized next Sunday!  I couldn't believe it!  But he says the Holy Ghost told him that that is what he needs to do!  So we are going to be working hard to get him all prepared this week!  Miracles happen!  And the Lord guides the work!

So, there are so many other things going on, too!  Brother W is still doing well!  I think he knows when he is going to be baptized, he just doesn't want to tell anyone yet... I have my guesses though!   But he is still learning and he picks up on things super well!  

My companion and I are doing well!  He is really cool, a really hard worker and helps me a lot!  So we are having great success together!  

Well, It is great hearing from you all!  I hope you all have great weeks!  I love you all!

Love Elder Wood

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