Indonesia, Jakarta Mission 3/13 - 3/15

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

For Your Eyes Only

Hey, how's it going?  Sounds like things are going well!  But sounds
like you guys are getting pretty bored as empty nesters back at home
this week, mom and dad!  Haha!  Not too much longer...  but don't
worry about that yet.

Thanks for the pictures!  Those were fun to see!  That picture of Tige
driving the boat is pretty funny!  But man, Sabrina, you already look
like "Sister Wood!"  Crazy!  And think, in just a year or two, you
could possibly be back in that exact same spot, only that time you
would be wearing a name badge!  Crazy!  But super cool and exciting!
I'm so excited for you!  That opportunity you are having now is so
cool to go see all those places!  But the opportunity to do
it as a missionary is even cooler!

So, things here are going well.  We don't have too much to report on
this week.  We are still teaching Brother W.  He is awesome and
so good to us.  He receives all the lessons, but he just hasn't quite,
like you said, caught the Spirit.  He is in the process.  I personally
think he already knows, he just is not yet ready to acknowledge it and
give up his whole old way of life and make the big change.  But with
time it will definitely come.  We are just being patient and praying.

Other than that, the most part of our week was pretty slow. I will
copy and paste an excerpt from my letter to President Donald this
week, because that is the easiest and quickest way to explain to you,
and it is the most open.  But because of the openness, I ask that you
please be very careful when editing this before posting it on the blog
or anywhere.  But it is kind of a cool story that I want you guys to know.  But,
like the James Bond movie, most of it is "For Your Eyes Only" haha.

(Editors note: Cool story followed that I am comfortable sharing verbally with those who wants to hear)

So, please keep most of that information confidential, but I wanted
you to know.  But I really do know that the Lord will provide for us
and help us when we need it.  A lot of our problems and negativity and
doubts do not come because we are not being blessed or having success,
but rather we have doubts and lose faith because we simply do not
recognize the blessings and success and help that we are receiving,
because it is not the exact way we hoped it would come.  But it is
coming and it is there.  So, this experience, and your advice, dad,
fit together very well this week!

Well, next week should be pretty good!  We have a lot of good stuff
set up and a lot of exciting possibilities!  So hopefully we are
beginning to pull our of our slump!

Sorry still no pictures.  I tried to hook the card up to the computer,
but it just crashed the internet...Sorry.  But I did take it and buy a
microSD card this morning and had all the pictures transferred at a
photo store, so I will get that card with all the newest pictures and
a letter and some stuff sent off hopefully this week or next, and I
will keep trying to send pictures from the computers.

Well, I love you all and hope you have a great week!  Thanks for
always writing!  I love hearing from you!  I guess I will talk to you
next week, cause I am out of time now.  But I love you all so much!
Have a great week!

Love Elder Wood

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