Indonesia, Jakarta Mission 3/13 - 3/15

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

... but we got some good contacts!

So, it was sad to leave Manado, but we left it with a bang!  We got two baptismal commitments in the last few weeks before we left, so that is super exciting!  

And now, Tangerang is awesome!  We flew in on Thursday and went to the mission home and met up, then took a taxi to Tangerang.  That night we got settled in, did some shopping, and stuff.  On Friday, me and my companion went out to try to find a few addresses of investigators to teach.  Well, it is a little bit difficult to learn a ridiculously large city like this, that is really just part of the sprawl of one of the largest cities in the world, on your own.  And we are on bikes.  But, we are trying to figure it out.  Well, we found the general areas of the places we were trying to find on the map, and found the major roads leading there.  sort of... and then at 12:00 we took off.  We rode around for about 3.5 hours and finally found the first address.  It was pretty far away from the house, and we got lost a lot on the way.  And we kept having to stop and taking cover from the rain that caused a 2 foot deep flood on the road at one point.  But, eventually we made it and taught a guy.  He is a new investigator, and is a little hard headed, but he is OK.  We will keep trying.  After that lesson was over, we tried to find another address.  By about 7:30ish we finally found the house, but the people weren't home.  But that's Ok, because by that point we didn't have time to teach them.  We had to start heading home.  But now we sort of know where there house is, although I don't know if I could ever find it least not quickly.  Then it took us another 2 hours to get home haha.  We started finding the way, but we kept taking the long ways and stuff.  But we got some good contacts along the way and stuff.  So we were making being lost a bit fun and productive :)  Then, my companion's tire went flat. So we stopped and filled it up at a gas station.  That lasted for a little while, but it kept leaking.  Luckily along the way home there was a bike store.  And it was the nicest bike shop I have ever been in!  It was huge!  So I was entertained while his tube was being changed.  Then we eventually found our way home at exactly 9:30, so we weren't late :)

Saturday we had District Meeting, and it was my first time leading as a District Leader.  But it went well.  Then after that we caught a train to Jakarta to go to the Saturday night session of Stake Conference.  Luckily Elder Canfield knew the way, so we made it!  Conference was good and they talked about some cool stuff, and a lot about member missionary work!  And we got to meet a lot of the missionraries again, so that was fun.  Then we got a ride home with a member, but because of traffic and the meeting going long, we got home a bit late.

On Sunday, we rode with a member to stake conference again.  The meeting was awesome, too, and there were a ton of people there.  After conference, however, there was a funeral that our ride was going to, and we had to get home.  But my comp and I got separated from the other companionship. And we ended up having to take the train by ourselves. But somehow we made it home.  So, I'm glad for all of our traveling experience, because I was able to keep my head and figure out my way home on public transport in Jakarta!  The train to our house has to transfer twice, too. We did make a few mistakes and have to backtrack, but we eventually made it!  So that was cool haha.  And, in our lost and confused state, we did get some good contacts as well that helped us along the way and want to learn about the gospel.  

Today we are going to go to some huge mall and go ice skating and eat Carl's Junior.  They say that's the best American restaurant in Indonesia, so we'll go try it out.    Then tonight we are going over to teach Elder W's dad, so that will be cool!  

There's a lot of good stuff going on here, so I am excited!  Hopefully we can start to learn our way around a little bit so we're not always lost.  But I think we'll start to get it hopefully soon!  It is a huge, and confusing city, though.  The biggest area by far that I have ever served in!  And whitewashing doesn't make it easier.  But it's a fun adventure and a challenge!  And my comp is chill and cool, so we're having fun at it!  It is different from Manado, but it is fun too!

Well, I'm glad that Arizona was fun!  sorry about your tooth, dad!  That is a major bummer!  Hopefully it gets well soon!  And hopefully grandma gets feeling better!  Tell her HI for me and to get well soon!  And scary for Lisa, hopefully everything is alright!  Also for Brian and Vickie, that is scary and crazy, too!  Man, it was a big week back at home!

And another big week coming up!  Congrats on graduating, Sabrina!  You made it!  Nice!  Have fun!

Well, I love you guys so much!  Thanks for all your support and love!  Hope you all have a great week!  

Love Elder Wood

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