Indonesia, Jakarta Mission 3/13 - 3/15

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm Alive!

So, this has been a bit of a crazy week as you have heard!  The first few days of the week were fairly uneventful with not too much to report on.  Just a few lessons, some proselyting, and stuff like that. Then, starting on Thursday, things got a bit interesting.

Thursday:  We were out doing some proselyting and trying to find an address on our bikes when it started raining pretty hard.  Luckily some lady invited us in to wait for the rain under her front porch. Usually the rain only lasts like 15 to30 minutes, so if we are proselyting we wait it out, because there is nobody outside to contact when it rains.  And when it rains it pours.  Well, this rain was even harder than normal, and it had wind with it, too, so it was extra crazy!  I am glad we weren't out in it, because it actually ended up blowing a few trees over and blowing big branches off of trees that fell into several of the roads and caused some nice traffic.  But after the 30 minutes of crazy rain, it was over and we went out and got back to work.  Then on thursday night, as we were going to bed, at 11:00, we heard a loud booming sound.  I thought it was fireworks or lightning or something, and just went to bed.

Friday:  Well when we woke up this morning, it was still  pretty dark outside, and so we almost just went back to bed.  But, we saw the clock and that it really was time to wake up.  So we did.  Well, when I looked out the door, I was super confused and really thought it had snowed and there was frost on the ground for a second. Then I remembered that I am in Indonesia and that is not possible.  Then we saw the gray color and that it was dust still falling from the sky, and immediately realized that a volcano had erupted.  It was funny, we both realized it and looked at eachother and said "Morapi" at the same time (Morapi is the closest volcano here).  Well, turns out it was a volcano a little ways away, but the eruption was big enough to reach here with the dust.  So the "fireworks" we heard last night at 11:00 was actually the volcano erupting.  Kinda crazy!  This morning, we were told not to go outside unless absolutely necessary until the dust stopped falling because it is super unhealthy.  Well, then the wind started blowing and the dust started coming into the houses, because they are not sealed.  So we decided that we would all ride taxis and meet at the church and hope it was cleaner, and then we could still have district meeting and hang out there for the day, too.  So we did.  And we ordered McDonalds delivery for lunch and hung out there for several hours.  Then the dust started settling, and we went and helped clean up the church a little bit.  But there was about 1/2 centimeter of volcanic ash everywhere outside!  Pretty crazy!  After we cleaned up a little bit, I translated the meeting with the Aardema's at the church.  What a small world to meet them here in Solo of all places after such a long time.  It was pretty funny and pretty cool!  They are awesome!  I'm glad they emailed you!  After that, we ate dinner at the church with the meeting people (perks of translating :) ) then went home for the night.  

Saturday:  This morning we knew we needed to spend some time cleaning the house becuase there was a layer of dust on everything!  Well, when we woke up, my comp was sick, so he stayed in bed.  I got up, dusted and swept and mopped the house, and studied a bit (all with no electricity...we ran out last night).  Then at about 11:30 he felt better and got up and we went and got some electricity.  Then we got ready and rode a taxi to a funeral for a member who died that night n the hospital of a stroke.  Then bishop took us to lunch, then we went with another member out to Sister M.'s house to teach the last lesson she needs to be all ready for baptism, and it went really well!  So we are super excited about that and that she is getting baptized next week!  And that was pretty much it for today.

Sunday:  Today was pretty normal.  Church.  Sister M. and her kids came!  So that was awesome!  Other than that, nothing too crazy.

Monday (Today):  Today was awesome!!!  Totally not what we expected today.  So, we had a plan to play futsal all together for district P-day.  But we woke up with a text from Sister M. this morning that something happened last night that made her super nervous and that she wanted to meet today. We got super nervous and almost a bit discouraged.   But we cancelled futsal and went out there this afternoon. Well, when we got out there, we had no idea what to expect.  But it ended up being one of the most amazing lessons and spiritual experiences and testimony builders I have ever had!  Suffice it for now to say that I know that prayers are answered, Heavenly Father still reaches out and guides his children individually, He gives us guidance and help to help others when we and they most need it. Oh, and I learned anew the depth of answers to questions contained in the Book of Mormon.  I will just say, Sister M. had a dream last night that she was very confused about the meaning of.  But her faith is enormous.  And we were able to interpret the meaning of her dream with guidance of the Spirit.  It was an incredible learning experience and testimony builder, and I don't think that I will ever forget it! It was literally one of the strongest feelings of the Spirit testifying with me I have ever had as we found an answer to her questions.  And it was totally from the guidance of the Spirit, not from us at all.  I am so grateful for experiences like this that I can have on my mission!  Oh, and she is completely ready and desiring to be baptized now!

Well, I hope you all have a great week this week!  I love you all so much!

Love Elder Wood

Elder Wood and Elder and Sister Aardema
Small world!!

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