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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Bike



So, this week has also been pretty good!  Not quite as amazing as last week's experiences, but still some awesome stuff!  And again, I am probably mostly just going to hit the highlights.  

Monday:  Not much.  Just a normal P-Day getting stuff done and then trying to find a lesson that evening.  Our lesson with Mas fell through because he was busy, so we tried and eventually found an inactive member that we could meet with and share a little message.

Tuesday:  Today was the highlight of the week!  We had house inspection in the morning by the senior couple after we finished study time, and just before we left for the day.  And they brought snickerdoodles!  Such a good snack!  Then we went and cleaned out the baptismal font from after a member baptism on Sunday.  Ya, the missionaries get all those responsibilities here, but it is a good service opportunity and a good chance to gain the trust and favor of the members.  After that we left to ride out to the bishop's house (the parents of Elder P).  It is about a 1 hour bike ride away.  So, we got there and talked to the family for a little while while we waited for Sister A. and her daughter to get there, because we were having a lesson together at the Bishop's house as a fellowshipper and because he lives in the middle of us and this investigator.  She is a golden investigator and is awesome!   We have already taught them 3 times.  SO, tonight we watched the film, "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration" with them.  I love that movie, because even though I have already seen it so many times, every time I watch it  my testimony is strengthened and I feel the Spirit, and know my investigators do too!  After the movie we all talked about it a little bit together.  Sis A. and her daughter loved it, and said they know it is true!  We then talked about the part of the movie about baptism, and gave them the baptismal commitment!  They really want to be baptized and know it is true! There is just a mild setback--they have to ask permission from their family or something so that there are no bad feelings.  But, I think it will be able to happen!  And she invited us to her house on Thursday this coming week to meet with her whole family!  So hopefully we can help with that!  Afterwards we all just bore our testimonies in a circle, and it was a really cool moment!  The spirit was so strong, and there were very few dry eyes.  Then the bishop fed us all a delicious dinner! After that, because of distance and time, it was time to go home for the night!  But it was a powerful and awesome day!

Wednesday:  I got a new bike!  One of the bikes at the house was terrible, and had to be replaced, so we went and bought a new bike with the senior couple.  Our budget is under $200 per bike, so it is nothing special, but it is new!  And, then because the bike that it was replacing was the extra bike right now, we had to decide who got the new one.  Because it is the biggest bike (though still smaller than Eliza's bike) I ended up getting it because I am the tallest, and it is the best fitting bike for me.  But, I keep offering to trade and let others try it--I don't want to be selfish with it!  After that, the day was pretty much just ordinary--a few lessons, an English class, and that was it.  Oh, but if you see Matt Howard, you will have to tell him I miss quality bike service.  When we bought the bike and got it home, we realized that the front tire was on backwards, the brakes were too loose, and the gears didn't shift smoothly.  So, we had to take it in to get serviced this morning because we don't have any tools to fix it alone at the house.

Thursday was pretty normal too.  Some good lessons and weekly planning.  Oh, and we went to the funeral of a member who passed away.  That was pretty sad to see family mourning, but also good to see them comforted by the message of the Plan of Salvation.  It was cool, too, because there were a ton of people at the funeral, most non-members, and the whole funeral and messages were about the gospel and the plan of salvation, so good missionary work and chance for people to hear a little about the gospel!

Friday was also just pretty normal.  Just teaching lessons to a few people.  We had district meeting that morning, and set a goal of 10 baptisms for our district by the end of the year, and planned how to make it happen!  And, as hard as it seems here, I think it really is possible and will happen!  The highlight lesson for today was watching the Joseph Smith movie with P., because it helped him better understand the events of the Restoration and increase his testimony.  We are just still working to help him overcome smoking, because other than that, he is completely ready and excited for baptism!

Saturday was Conference!  The way it works here is everyone just meets at the church building and watches it over projector in the chapel, like Priesthood session.  So, they watch a session, have an hour break for lunch, watch the saturday afternoon session, and then separate and watch Priesthood and Relief Society sessions.  Then it is done for the day.  Luckily, Elder Ho. and I were able to watch it in English on the Family History computers downstairs, so that we could actually understand it!  So that was nice!  

After Conference, Elder He. was sick, so we went home, he slept, and Elder Ho. and I cleaned, worked out, and watched several of the proselyting movies.  It was a good relaxing day, though a bummer not to be able to go out and do work.  

Sunday was Conference again!  and we again went to the church, and were able to watch in English! And Sis. A. and her daughter came and really liked it!  So that was great!  After that, we went and had   lesson.  It didn't go very well, sadly.  As we were explaining why a restoration was needed, the guy we were teaching got offended and thought we were talking bad about other churches, even though we never said anything like that.  He wasn't mad,  but it was just...weird.  But he believes that any church, no matter what, is true and will lead us back to heaven.  And he believes the Bible, but can't understand it, or why not everyone can agree on it.  He says we just can't understand it because God is mysterious and wants us confused...That logic just made me confused...But, oh well.  We will keep doing what we can to help him and just be kind and serve.  He still tells us we can come back whenever, but I just don't see any intention to act on our message at this point.  But hopefully someday he will be able to see the truth or be touched.  After that we met with the Ward Mission Leader.  It was  good meeting, and after they gave us the spaghetti I talked about.  It was so good, but they make us eat way too much! 
That pretty much brings us to now.  We haven't done much today--just cleaned house and fixed bikes. Then we will have some lessons later.  Well, ya!

Glad to hear you are all doing well!  Haha thanks for the picture of rufus and duke with the whipping cream!  That was pretty funny and made me laugh!  Its weird to see the house all different now in pictures, like the kitchen table in the dining room and stuff.  Oh and the new couches, too!  I got the pictures the other day.  Cool!  Now I'm just wondering what is filling the big space where the kitchen table used to be?  Haha oh well, mysteries to find out in a little less than 2 years!

And cool to hear that you are heading to Haiti soon, mom and dad!  That will be a lot of fun!  Ya, don't get any of those jungle viruses--they are not fun!  Luckily I haven't had anything recurring from it.  Oh, except that I have already gained all the weight I lost from it and then some!  The other night after we were severely over-fed spaghetti and meat sauce (delicious!) at a members home, I weighed myself when we got home and I have hit the dreaded 170 pound mark!  15 pounds heavier than when I left for the MTC!  Crazy!  I don't really understand how, either, because I am always hungry!  Maybe its because of the very heavy white rice diet!  So, I guess time to be a little more careful about what I eat!  

Sabrina--bummer about state tennis!  But the picture mom sent from regions is awesome!  And hey, at least you did your best and felt good about it!  Bummer that thats just the way the game of tennis goes hah!  It is a game that I love, while hate at the same time!  But, keep practicing and playing so that you can beat me when I come home!

I love you all and love hearing from you each week!  Have fun and be safe in Haiti!  And Sabrina and Eliza better be good at home!  Haha!  Love you all and can't wait to hear from you again!

Love, Elder Wood!

(Oh, ps, the sd card with pictures, I haven't been able to send yet, becuase for some reason it is like 5x as expensive to send from Solo as it was from Jogja.  And because of that, they can't fit enough stamps on the envelopes I have.  So, I will try to figure it out and send it soon.  And don't worry, the pictures are already backed up on another card.)  Sorry it hasn't been sent yet!

Love You!

Love Elder Wood

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