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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

'Gimana Kabar'nya!?


'Gimana Kabar'nya!?  (Hows it going!?)

Things here have been going really well!  This week has been a lot of fun again!  And a lot of good hard work!  

Monday--We went to do Monster Burger, but the place doesn't do it anymore! Bummer!  We were so excited for it!  But, since it was no more, we went to a different place and got huge plates of fried rice and ate that instead.  Not nearly as American, but still super good!  Then we watched the RM for a bit. After that we had dinner and family night at our Elders' Quorum President's house.  It was a lot of fun! Family nights here are becoming my favorite meetings because there is always a great spirit and special bond that I can feel, and it feels like I truly belong!

Tuesday we spent most of the day riding around and waiting to get my companion's bike fixed.  So, that was kind of a bummer to have to spend so much time on that and not on missionary work.  But, it was also fun because we were at bike shops, and I like those places.  While we were at one, and I got talking to one of the guys about biking, because we both really like mountain biking.  He ended up inviting me and Elder Kester to go downhill mountain biking around here with them sometime, but they said that our bikes were too bad, so we could borrow their downhill bikes!  It sounded like so much fun, but was a test of my faith and willingness to follow the rules, because we are not allowed to do that because it is dangerous.  But it sounded like fun!  At least I now have good enough language to make friends and get invited to do cool things!  After that, we had a lesson with a new member, then English class, and then the traditional Pak Jon's for dinner!

Wednesday we got a haircut, then rode about an hour and a half out to a new members house to teach his mom and cousin who are not yet members, so that was awesome!  Then we came home and it was already getting late.  So we went to teach another inactive member who we had made an appointment with.  But, he had forgotten or ignored us and wasn't home.  That was frustrating, but hey, it happens!  So we went home and did some good planning for the next day!

Thursday--We had service picking up trash at the park in the morning.  We drank some pretty terrible tasting traditional health drinks that some lady was selling.  They are supposed to make you all healthy with natural ingredients and stuff.  I don't know if they did.  But if you judge it by bitter root taste that is pretty terrible and so bad that it has to be chased by a sweet sugarcane juice, then it has to have some health benefit.  Then we went and ate a huge lunch for 50 cents.  Then we came home, got ready, did our study, then 4 hours of weekly planning.  We have a lot to go over and spend a lot of time going through the area book to find people to teach and figure out what they need.  And we get distracted every once in a while!  but it was good and we had fun!  Then we went to teach an old investigator.  He wasn't home, but his dad was, and he let us teach him.  So we got the first lesson in and taught him the restoration, and he was interested and willing to meet again, so that was awesome!  After that, the day was over and we planned and went to bed!

Friday was Zone Training Meeting in Jogja.  It was fun to go back to my last city, but sadly I didn't see any members there.  ZTM was good, and we talked about planning and working.  President gave us the challenge for each companionship to get 20 lessons a week.  THat doesn't sound like a lot, I know, but we have been really working hard and struggling to get even 10 per week!  So, we are going to really have to figure out how to use our time better and get more lessons in, while still keeping them meaningful lessons that will actually help the people we are teaching!  After ZTM we missed our train home, so we went and did some shopping on Malioboro while we waited for the next train two hours later.  We didn't really  do much shopping, though, but we went to McDonald's and all got a Big Mac meal and Frosty!  SO GOOD!  And my first American meal in like 3 months!  Then we came home and it was past bedtime, so it was straight home and to bed after planning.

Saturday--Today was awesome!  Long, but awesome!  And frustrating at one short point.  We left the house at 9 and rode to our new investigators house--Anastasia.  She lives like 50 kilometers away.  We stopped at the bishop's house to ask directions at like the 15 kilo mark, and he said it was too far to ride, so he gave us a ride in his car.  We had a good lesson and the Bishop's wife helped a ton!  The investigators daughter and husband were there, too, which was great!  Then we went back to the bishop's house.  Then we rode our bikes in the opposite direction about 35 or 40 kilometers to another new investigators house for a first meeting.  This is the guy from Klaten that I contacted on the bus like a month or so ago.  It took about 3 hours to get there all uphill, and we were tired.  And it was 7:00.  They were super nice and fed us and we taught them the Restoration, too.  They took it well and liked it.,  Afterwards, I invited them to church tomorrow.  This is where it gets frustrating.  When I invited them, the dad straight up said that they didn't want to come to church, but want us to keep coming back there.  It is so frustrating to put in all that effort to go that far, and have them not want to put any effort back in return!  And now I am trying to decide if it is worth going back out there again and see if we can help them know truth.  It is a long ride and takes at least half a day or more, and I don't want to waste my time or their time.  I will have to think and pray and talk to my comp about it.  After that, the ride home was much quicker because it was all downhill.  But it was still an hour and a half or more, and we were a little late getting home.  But, it was nice to get some good exercise and bike riding in!  

Sunday--Church was good.  We had 3 investigators come--Sister Anastasia and her daughter, and another younger investigator.  So that was awesome!  After church we taught the younger investigator all 3 lessons!  Just shortened versions.    Then we went to members houses for food, then we had a family night thing with our Ward Mission Leader.  Like half the ward was there!  It was a party.  We ate and then taught a lesson about member missionary work.  That was good!  Then we went home.  

Today--This morning was awesome!  We cleaned the house.  Then Elder McCleary and I made our pancakes!  They were so delicious!  We made a bunch of pancakes and scrambled some eggs, and I even found some maple syrup at the store, so they were delicious!  Such a good morning!  Then we came here to the church, I opened my package, and we are emailing!

Well, this week was pretty awesome!  But, I forgot one thing.  On Saturday morning we got the call from the AP's.  Everyone in our house is transferring to different zones, except me.  I am the only Elder in my house that is staying.  So I will have to lead the area a little bit.  I am scared to death because I barely know the area, if at all!  But I am also excited for the opportunity because it will force me to learn how to do things and help me grow!   But I will miss being with Elder McCLeary and Kester because we have a lot of fun together!

I got the package today and just barely opened it!  It is so awesome!  Thank you so much for everything!  I haven't been able to read the letters yet, but I have glanced over them a little bit!  Thank you so much!  Haha we were totally laughing at the little games and stuff!  Things I never would have played with before, but that seem so fun and entertaining to me now, and that will be fun to play with with the little kids of our investigators!  Oh, and that Nike "Many are Called but Few Are Chosen" shirt is awesome!  I love it!  I saw it and thought it had to be from the BYU Bookstore or something, but then I saw Nike and read the Email that it is from Footlocker!  That is so cool--Mormons are getting out there if Nike is quoting D&C now!  But it is an awesome quote, and I can't wait to wear it around!  The snacks and treats are amazing!  Oh, and the Crystal light, I didn't even ask for, but the other day was thinking how good those would be, because here it is either plain water or water with at least 2 tablespoons of sugar or more for flavoring.  I am going to get diabetes if I am not careful!  So those will be awesome!!!  And the pictures are awesome!  It is so good to see you all again, and things that are going on...and the little Elder Wood action  figure out and about!  And the new car is pretty sweet!  Spoiled mom!  I kinda miss the mountains, but Indonesia is its own kind of beautiful, and we have seen some pretty spectacular scenery here as well!  And the letters and other peoples' blogs--I haven't had a chance to read yet, but I am super excited to!  So thank you for everything!  You guys are awesome!

So, it sounds like you have been having some fun this least mom and dad have!  That lake Powell trip sounds like a blast!  Bummer about the bad weather, but that sounds pretty amazing and cool, too, to see the waterfalls and stuff!  Thanks for the pictures, those are so cool to see that waterfall right behind the boat!  

Sabrina and Eliza, sorry you didn't get to go!  But hey, school is important!  haha!  And Sabrina, congrats on doing so well in tennis this year!  That is so awesome that you and Allie are doing so well together and are undefeated in region!  Keep up the good work!  I’m bummed I can't watch you play at all!  Eliza--glad things are going well for you too!  Keep enjoying school and making your music videos and stuff!  I want to watch some in 2 years!  

Well, I have to go now.  But I am glad to hear you are doing well and having fun!  I love you all so much!  And thanks again for the package!

Love Elder Wood

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