Indonesia, Jakarta Mission 3/13 - 3/15

Monday, August 19, 2013

Bien Semana


It is actually pretty funny that you used Spanish in your email today, because for P-Day today we actually cooked Mexican food!  We started the morning playing futsol with 4 missionaries from our ward that returned home this week, all who served in Indonesia.  It is weird seeing them come home, because I saw many of them last month at zone conference just a few hours away by bus!  But it is fun to have some RMs in the ward to hang with!  So, we played futsol for 2 hours, then went to the church and started cooking.  We made tortillas from scratch - taco meat, chicken fajita meat and veggies, and I made pico de gallo (good thing I learned a little from you before I left, mom!)  But we didn't have jalapenos to use, so we had to use cabes.  It actually ended up tasting normal and was really good!  Oh, and we also made mexican rice!  The whole meal turned out really well, and was soooo delicious!  It was good to taste some familiar food that is different from everything I have been eating the last long time!  After we ate and cleaned up, we went home and showered from futsol, then all the missionaries in the district and the newly-returned missionaries, now "brothers," went to a members home and had family home evening.  It was a lot of fun! And after that we came here.

Well, that's today.  It has been a lot of fun!  The rest of the week has been good, but still hard to do much work because it's still the holidays here.  August is like a never-ending party, I swear!  But I think it starts settling down soon...I hope!

So, the last week...  We spent almost all day Tuesday trying to figure out how to get an Elder back to Jakarta so that he could go home because his mission was over.  But, the AP's had forgotten to buy him a plane ticket and all the planes, trains, and buses were completely full for Wednesday because everyone is traveling or returning home from the holidays.  So, after trying all day to make things work, it just didn't happen.  He was pretty sad because he didn't get to go home with his group and had to spend Wednesday in Jogja on splits with us.  He finally was able to fly home on Thursday. 

Wednesday was pretty good.  We had three lessons, which is a pretty good day here.  But, I think it could be better, so I am trying to figure out how to get more appointments and more contacts and investigators!

Thursday was slowish.  We spent some time in the morning getting the other elder on his flight, then we had to get 3 bikes to the church with only 2 people!  I rode my bike with one hand and pulled the other bike with the other hand.  It was a pain, but we got it the half-hour ride there without any problems.  Then we had weekly planning at the church.  We had an appointment with a new contact, but he didn't show up until an hour and a half late, and then we were supposed to be in English class. We were able to teach him first, and then we took him to the end of English class with us.  After that we were supposed to have another appointment, but unfortunately he cancelled.  

Friday we had district meeting and some planning and stuff.  We couldn't get any appointments, but we talked and created relationships with some members that were at the church.  That night, we had a lesson with an inactive member, and tried to go to the house of one of our investigators to try to schedule an appointment with him because his phone is broken.  He wasn't home, but we talked to his kids a little and invited them to the party at the church Saturday morning.

Saturday was Indonesia's Independence day, so there was a big get-together party at the church that was great!  We played games for a while, then ate, and then cleaned the church together.  It was a lot of fun!  And we had an investigator come, which was awesome!  He is about 26, and a little awkward to talk to.  I was a little bit frustrated because I couldn't get anyone to really make an effort to fellowship him because he is not the easiest to talk to.  So I  spent the whole time I was there talking to him and making him feel comfortable.  I was fine with that, but it is not effective because when I leave he will have no reason to keep coming back.  I want him to have a friend or two in the church because he has made a goal to prepare for baptism by the end of next month.  It is really important to get him fellowshipped, and I can't do it alone, so I will bring it up in our meeting with the Ward Mission Leader.  After the party, the missionaries all cleaned the baptismal font for several hours to get it ready for the baptisms on Sunday!

Then, we had an appointment with that investigator who had come to the party, but he lost track of time and forgot, and never came.  That was frustrating because we spent several hours waiting for him, and he said he was coming when we called, but still never showed up.  So we went and proselyted.  We met a fun young family and talked and played with them for a while at the town square.  I tried to share a little about the gospel and eternal families, but they were Muslim and not very interested.  But hey, hopefully we planted a seed!

Sunday was awesome.  We went to church which was great, and I learned a lot personally!  And after church was the baptismal service!  There were 3 baptisms--2 investigators of the sisters and the son of  one of the members!  Sadly, our missing 14 year old investigator was not there, but we have found out that he is safe!  He is back with his father, and is living within the grounds of the Kraton--the sultan palace in Jogja.  We're not really sure why--if his dad has royal blood or what.  But that is where he is.  We are not yet sure when he will return home to live with his mom, but we are excited to finish teaching him and preparing him so we can set another baptismal date.  Hopefully soon!  At least he is safe!  After church, we took the Sacrament to some members who could not come because they are stuck at home.  That is always nice!  After that, it was about 6 and my comp was feeling pretty sick, so we went home for the evening.  

Well, that's the rundown of the week.  I think, or hope, that this week will be even more productive.  I'm fairly sure it will be, and we already have several appointments made with new investigators, which I'm really excited about!

Glad things at home are going well!  Don't be lazy, though!  You can do the St George Marathon!  Just go slow and steady!  Haha jk, its up to you!  Oh, by the way, I got the package from Lisa this week!  They are so awesome, and please tell them thank you from me.  I have written them a letter to, but that will take a while!  It was like Christmas to get a package, and we all opened it together!  If you send one, send it US mail.  Don't use FedEx or UPS I have heard from everyone.  But yeah, that's about it for now.  Sorry, I gotta go

I love you all so much!

Love Elder Wood!

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